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India Important Photo of Sikh Soldiers in Probyns Horse 1884. An important Rare Photo of Indian Officers in 11th Bengal Lancers Probyn's Horse 1884, of Sikh soldiers including two Sikh veterans possibly of the Indian Mutiny. Probyn's Horse was raised during the Indian Mutiny. Sir John Lawrence, Chief Commissioner of the Punjab ordered two regiments of Sikh irregular cavalry to be raised. The 1st was raised by Captain F Wale of the 18th Irregular Cavalry. When the regiment reached full strength it was sent to the United Provinces. They covered the 80 miles from Lahore in a single march. They were not uniformly dressed and disciplined at this stage but were experienced fighters and horsemen. Wale was shot dead on 1st March 1858 when he was ambushed by a mutineer whilst leading the regiment in pursuit of fleeing enemy. He was succeeded by Captain Jones but in 1860 Major Dighton Probyn VC took over, they became the 11th (Prince of Wales's Own) Bengal Lancers (1876 - 1903). Dimension's 10 &frac34 inches (274mm) x 8 &frac12 inches (216mm) inscribed below – Native officers 11th BL (Bengal Lancers) 1884. A highly important photograph of Sikh soldiers from one of the most celebrated regiments.

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