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India Photograph of Jamrud Fort Hari Singh Nalwa. Photograph of Jamrood Fort in Afghanistan c1930 built by the great Sikh General Hari Singh Nalwa. In October 1836, Jamrud was conquered from the Khyberis by the Sikhs. Sardar Hari Singh Nalwa (1791-1837), the well-known Sikh general, proposed to build a big fort at Jamrud. The proposal was opposed nevertheless the foundation of the fort that has survived was laid by General Hari Singh Nalwa on 6 Poh 1893 Sambat (18 December 1836) and the construction was completed in 54 days. Jamrud...noted for its fort built with 10 feet (3 m) thick walls c1836 by the Sikh Hari Singh Nalwa, one of Ranjit Singh’s generals, was originally named Fatehgarh to commemorate the Sikh victory over the disunited tribes. Measures approx. 20cm x 15.5cm

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