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Auction Date: 2/09/2014 at 01pm



India – Sikh Azad Hind Medal, Photograph and Stamp 1940s. A collection of Sikh Azad Hind memorabilia, a photograph of a Sikh Soldier, a stamp depicting a Sikh Gunner and a Bravery medal. British-ruled India, it was made up of Indian prisoners of war and expatriates in Europe. Because of its origins in the Indian independence movement, it was also variously known also as the “Tiger Legion”, and the “Azad Hind Fauj”. Initially it was raised in 1941 as part of the German Army, and from August 1944 was attached to the Waffen-SS. Indian independence leader Subhas Chandra Bose initiated the legion's formation, as part of his larger efforts to win India's independence by waging war against Britain, when he came to Berlin in 1941 seeking German aid to bring down British rule in India. The Azad Hind Army consisted of Hindu, Muslim and Sikh soldiers fighting for the independence of India.

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