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India and the Punjab – Hogdons Opinion of the Indian Army by Col John Hodgson, Bengal Army, Brigadier of the Punjab Irregular Horse, London 1857, 1st ed, book addressed to the Governor General Lord Dalhousie, contemporary half calf. Hodgson served through the Sikh campaign of 1845–6, including the battle of Sobraon, where he was wounded. He received the medal and clasp, and was selected to raise the first Sikh regiment embodied in the British service. On 9 Nov 1846 he was made brevet-major of the 1st Sikh infantry, and commanded the regiment in the second Sikh war (1848–9) against the Sikh insurgents, a task of peculiar difficulty, which he performed with eminent success. In 1850 Hodgson was selected to organise, with the rank of brigadier, the Punjab irregular force. In 1853 he successfully directed military operations against the hill tribes, west of the Derajat. While in command of the Derajat frontier he was chosen to succeed Sir Colin Campbell in command of the Peshawer frontier.

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