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India Punjab – large Sikh painting of Maharajah Ranjit Singh on Canvas (13 November 1780&nbsp– 27 June 1839) by Mohinder Singh an artist working in the 20th Century in Punjab, India. Complete with titled caption in Punjabi which reads “Shere Punjab, Maharajah Ranjit Singh” translated as The Lion of the Punjab. This striking image also depicts the Maharajah’s narrowed left eye, a result of smallpox affliction during his childhood. In 1799, a process of unification was started by Ranjit Singh to establish an&nbspEmpire. The occupation of&nbspLahore&nbspfrom&nbspBhangi Misl&nbspin the summer of 1799 marked a watershed in his career. With the conquest of&nbspLahore, Ranjit Singh launched upon a career of systematic aggrandisement which made him master of a vast empire in less than quarter of a century and the greatest Sikh Ruler of the 19th Century. Size 94cm by 125cm.

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