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India – Punjab – Second Sikh War Letter – rare and finely detailed six page letter written during the second Sikh war by a British Army officer to his wife, dated Hoshiarpur, December 1848. The letter is interestingly written in double cross hence getting maximum use of paper space. ‘… the affairs of Ramnugger (battle) and defeat of Shere Singh [Attariwala] had been a deserving one…’, he further writes.. I hope to get a good copy of the Grunth – the holy book of the Seikhs which has been found here…I have of spoil [war spoil] a set of Quoits worn by an Akali, who I found wounded in the ditch – and a shot fired over my head from the rear of the battery…The letters has a wax seal, a postage stamp mark for DEC, and an inscription or signature in Urdu/Persian. Seems like two letters posted as one covering the news from the Sikh wars, as an early page reads November 1848. Too much to de-cypher. The second Anglo Sikh war was fought in 1848-49 when the Governor of Mooltan rebelled against the British administration of the Punjab after the First Sikh War. Raja Shere Singh joined the rebellion but their forces were crushed and after a series of Battles the Sikh soldiers were defeated at the battle of Chillianwala. Scarce

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