Lot 497Opera at Buckingham Palace 1881 – impressive programme...

Auction Date: 2/09/2014 at 01pm



Opera at Buckingham Palace 1881 – impressive programme giving details of opera music being sung that evening. The Soloists being&nbspMadam Albani, Madam Trebelli,&nbspMadam Caters-Lablache & Christine Nilsson, Mr Maas, M. Gailhard.&nbspWide selection that evening consisting of pieces by Gounod, Mozart, Rossini and Schumann etc. Multi-coloured gold leaf Royal Coat of Arms embossed at top. Beautiful embossed border done to look like lace. A very attractive item. Size 7&frac12” &acute 9”. &nbsp

Guide Price: £70.00 - £100.00

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