Lot 445&quotWWII – Anti-Semitic Literature The British Guardian Volume...

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&quotWWII – Anti-Semitic Literature The British Guardian Volume 5 Number 11-12 November-December 1924.&nbspWith a full page Goy Cartoon about the Protocols of Zion.&nbspVERY scarce journal which started as “Jewry UeberAlles”, changed its name to&nbspThe &quot&quotHidden Hand&quot&quot&nbsp&nbspVol I Number 8,&nbsp&nbspand&nbsp&nbspfinally to the &quot&quotBritish Guardian&quot&quot in 1925 Vol V no 5.&nbsp&nbsp&nbspSome issues contain&nbspinfamous&nbspcartoons by “Goy”&nbspR.T. Cooper.&quot

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