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Important WWI letter written on the Gallipoli front commending the gallant Sikh soldiers at Gallipoli WWI – Sikh History – fine and highly significant 4pp letter written at the Suez Camp on the 11 January 1916 on 14th Kings George's Own 14th Sikhs letters head, signed by Major Earle Commandant of the 14th Sikhs. The detailed letter begins by the Major of the 14th Sikhs stating...How sorry I am to lose the Patiala's - they were the most useful to us over in Gallipoli..... The letter makes references to Campbell who Major Earl states... I need hardly say that he was of the greatest assistance to me and that he ran the Patiala's [Patiala State. Regiment] excellently ....of the Indian officers Major Ishar Singh, Sub. Kala Singh and Sub. Bhagat Singh who he states were especially good....i should much like to see Kala Singh get some reward if such is possible, he is such an old man but stuck it splendidly altho he wasn't at all well and need not have come back after he was sent away sick but especially asked to be allowed to return. The men i promoted (with HH the Maharajahs permission) are all good men and were selected because they had proved themselves to be so, they will i hope rise still higher in the Regiment... He adds... I will be glad if you can let the Maharajah know how good These men were to us and how sorry i am that i cannot keep them. He concludes.... I might mention that it was the Patiala's who had the worst time of any of this regiment in the blizzard that they were complimented by General Godley... The General even ordered a regimental order to be published on the subject. You will have heard what this now famous blizzard was like... Major E. Earle served at Gallipoli with the Kings Georges Own Ferozepore Sikhs. His regimental and personal photographs albums of the Gallipoli Campaign are in the British Library.

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