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WWII – A British Prisoner of War fine archive relating to 2nd Lieutenant Victor Howe, 97th Kent Yeomanry, Field Regiment, Royal Artillery, who was captured in Africa in 1942 including letters home from various POW camps, initially in Italy and later in Germany where he was kept in Oflag VIIIF (Wahlstatt), Oflag VA and Oflag 79. The letters provide considerable information on life in the camps, the other prisoners he meets, his own attitudes towards the war etc. Also included are letters (some very extensive) written before his capture, and a letter originally addressed to him with a postal cancellation saying that it couldn’t be delivered because he had become a POW. There is also his diary for 1941, a small booklet with his pencil sketches of the insides of some of the POW camps he was kept in, an incomplete account of his life in camp, a fine album detailing life in one of the Italian camps between 1942 & 43. With examples of camp money, pages of signatures of fellow camp inmates, a table of camp rations, and a list of all the shows and productions mounted at the camp theatre. There is also a further album with miscellaneous correspondence, printed notices etc. Together with two Regimental photographs. Howe was clearly a talented amateur artist and included in the archive are two large scale watercolour original posters he produced to advertise productions at the camp theatre. A fine archive which will doubtless yield much information on POW life.

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