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WWII – the Siege of Malta a highly important official British report on the Siege of Malta chronicling the events from June 1941 through to July 1942, and providing detailed information on the bombing by the German Luftwaffe and the response by the Allied Garrisons and the RAF based on the island, as well as the response of the people of Malta throughout the continuing siege. The report is typed on 34pp foolscap and includes details on casualties, bomb tonnages dropped by the Germans, enemy aircraft destroyed by both the artillery on the ground and the RAF in the air, the number of RAF fighter sorties and a comprehensive digest of other information including even the numbers of unexploded bombs dealt with each week throughout the siege. This highly important document is considered the only extant copy of this official report. It was prepared by the British Army, and was typed by the present vendor’s father, who against all regulations made this copy for him own personal interest. Had he been discovered doing this at the time he would have inevitably faced court martial. The report contains a number of comments which were considered disparaging both of the high command and also of the Maltese people, and in view of this, the official copy was ordered to be destroyed. This destruction was carried out by the present vendor’s father, but he kept his own copy – the present lot – and thus this is the only copy extant. The document will doubtless provide considerable – possibly new – information on what has become one of the most famous and heroic defences in the history of military warfare – for which the Island and its people were uniquely granted the George Cross.

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