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WWII – Nazi Party group of approx 18 documents issues by the early Nazi party 1926-29, with one letter signed by Hitler in 1926. This high important group of documents show how the Nazi party was being organised at this time, in the very year when Hitler had seen off his rivals for power within the party and assumed the role of Furher, though the party was largely ignored by the general public in Germany. Consequently these letters show how badly the party was financed at this time, and the general tone of the party’s activities and philosophies. The letter written and signed by Hitler reads in part [trans]: ‘...I take this opportunity to remind you of the need for regular membership contributions and referring the unemployed to the main office and treasurer...’ Other letters are signed by leading members of the party at that time including Gottfried Feder – economic theorist Roland Friesler State Secretary of the Ministry of Justice who sentenced Sophie Scholl and various members of the July 20th plot to death Karl Fiehler, Lord Mayor of Munich from 1933-45 Adolf Wagner, Gauleiter of Munchen-Oberbayern and Barvarian Interior Minister. There is also a circular issued in the name of Hitler but signed by an official which reads in part [trans]: ‘...for reasons I have already explained in my talk our members cannot belong to other political organisations. His Excellency Ludendorf is not a member of our party and has therefore no influence on it. The same applies to the ‘armies of the Tannenberg Association’ which is allied to his Excellency Ludendorf. However we do not cooperate with these groups. We honour his Excellency Ludendorf and will not oppose these Groups...’ A circular of 1929 from Hitler Youth mentions Hitler’s joy at viewing their march ‘showering them with flowers from his vehicle. The Hitler Youth will now canvass in restaurants, pubs and cafes. Parents are asked to support their efforts and to gain more members for the organisation...’ However, perhaps the most telling circulars of all in this group relate to the paltry finances of the early Nazi party. One from the Head of Finance reads in part [trans] ‘...according to a ruling of the Head of the German Women’s Organisation of 20.1.29 membership subscription in Munich will be reduced from 55 pfennigs to 50. Another, from 1926 reads in part [trans.] ‘...on the occasion of the ‘German Day’ ...several members organised a boat trip on the lake. The Bill for this came to 60M – there is not enough money available to cover this amount. I therefore urge all those who took part in this trip to come forward and contribute 2M...’ Also in the collection is a cyclostyled newspaper dating from November 1923. Provenance: this important collection of early Nazi documents was obtained by a British diplomat while on secondment in Germany in the early 1950s. It has remained in the family’s possession since that time and has not been available for public study before.

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