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Asquith and Winston Churchill – WWI remarkable letter to Lady Denys-Burton, probably from a relative, no date but clearly written at the outbreak of WWI, deriding the British Government and named individuals for creating the crisis in Europe, 6pp sm 8vo. ‘ Lloyd George the Welsh rascal who is now battening on his ill-gotten laurels. What a farce to have such men as he & Asquith & Winston Churchill in such a crisis ! Men without a soupcon of honesty, honour or patriotism. These essentially low class men ...have done their best to destroy England & they have almost succeeded. A merciful providence has vouchsafed us this war as an escape from these traitors. The traitors with their natural sagacity have made an aspect of it for their own glorification & popularity but what will be the end ? One good sign is that the poor maligned Lrs Roberts & Kitchener in this dire distress have been recalled from oblivion by our self-constituted anarchist rulers to assist in the country’s councils – having hitherto been rigidly excluded from them. How I do hope English men in spite of their ingrained stupidity will at last see the hollowness of these gods they have made for themselves. We are just now in the position of the Roman Empire in its last days - corruption everywhere...’ Together with a further letter from the same correspondent, 4pp 8vo, along the same lines : ‘...Messrs Ltd George, Haldane, Redmond, Asquith & Co are playing the German game – I do not trust one of these infamous personages...any of them I believe capable of selling this country to Germany. Their greed is insatiable...’

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