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The loss of The Lusitania – WWI – Proceedings in camera on Tuesday 15th and Friday 18th June 1915 at the Formal Investigation into the circumstances attending the foundering on 7th May 1915 of the British Steamship ‘Lusitania’ of Liverpool after being torpedoes off the Old Head of Kinsale, Ireland. HMSO 1919, folio 22pp unbound. Good condition. A rare and important publication in the history of WWI. The sinking of the Lusitania was the single event which brought the USA into the conflict – as many important American passengers perished when the ship sank. The fact that the proceedings of the inquiry were held in camera rather than in open has fuelled the conspiracy theories about the sinking ever since. The Germans always claimed that the Lusitania, rather than being a neutral peaceful cruise liner was in fact a legitimate target as she had been secretly armed. Britain denied this at the time and the public outrage at the sinking on both sides of the Atlantic made for a decisive intervention by the Americans on the allied side. Suspicions have however, remained to this day.

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