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Military Napoleonic Wars Grimston Yeomanry Cavalry enrolment poster.&nbsp East Yorkshire Circa 1795 - 1802. Stating “To be under the Command of Thomas Grimston Esq. to attend mounted upon a Serviceable Gelding or Mare, without receiving any pay for the same to be subject to be called upon and embroiled within any part of Great Britain, in case of Invasion or Appearance of an Enamy in force upon the Coast, or of Insurrection or Rebellion then existing in the Realm” etc etc. Black letter press printing by J. Ferraby, Market Place, Hull. Size 10&frac12” &acute 16&frac14”. Thomas Grimston 1753 – 1821.&nbsp About 1781 he began rebuilding the family house at Grimston Garth (which still exists) to the Georgian Gothic design of John Carr of York and he then divided his time between Kilnwick and Grimston Garth. In 1795 he at a huge expence established the Grimston Yeomanary Cavalry which for the next 20 years charged up and down Holderness (East Yorkshire) coast looking for those demmed Frenchies. But they were popular in the inns with locals for their generosity in standing the drinks. In almost as new condition

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