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Military – Lord Wolseley’s Memorial interesting group of documents concerning the campaign to erect a memorial to Lord Wolseley in St Paul’s Cathedral in 1913. Wolseley had been Commander in Chief of the British Army from 1895-1900 and when he died in March 1913 there was strong feeling for a permanent memorial to him alongside those of Nelson and Wellington in the Cathedral. Included in the lot are two letters from Lord Stamfordham, Private Secretary to George V, written on Buckingham Palace paper discussing the general objections from the Dean of St Paul’s and the King’s reservations : ‘...you may remember how Dean Stanley at the suggestion of Queen Victoria gladly agreed to a monument to the Prince Imperial being erected in Westminster Abbey. But public opinion was aroused against it. The Queen had to withdraw the proposal...like you I am surprised that the Dean and Chapter should go into the discussion of the relative merits of our Generals, dead and living, but I think the King sees that if Lord Wolseley’s monument is to be followed by one to Roberts valuable space will be required in the Cathedral...’. Together with a collated copy of the various letters concerning the affair.

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