Lot 317Railways – Wantage Steam Tramway Company Ltd. 1883...

Auction Date: 2/09/2014 at 01pm



Railways – Wantage Steam Tramway Company Ltd. 1883. 2 early items. Printed conductor’s card listing times of&nbsptrams with number of passengers carried, amount paid in fares, showing a day’s total of&nbsp&pound2. 9s. 7p. Size 5&frac14” &acute 8&frac34”.&nbsp1 early 1880s thin card ticket printed in red, much larger than the usual tram tickets of the period, size 3” &acute 1&frac12”.&nbspThis tramway was a 5 mile line in Oxfordshire and was steam hauled during its entire life from 1878 to 1925, thus being one of the first and last steam trams in England.

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