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Art and Artists – William Telbin and the Holy Land Panorama interesting group of letters concerning Telbin’s planned voyage to the Holy Land to cover the tour of the Prince of Wales (later Edward VII) in order to produce one of his celebrated panoramas. Two of the letters are by Charles Tilstone Beke, traveller and geographer and discuss at length Telbin’s trip: ‘…I expect that your Holy Land will astonish the world…’together with a partial transcript in another hand and a partial transcript of the letter with Telbin must have carried with him from the Foreign Office giving him authority to carry out the work, mentioning the places that he would be visiting on the way – together with a printed pamphlet issued to the public to provide a description of the completed panorama when it was put on public display. Telbin produced a number of panoramas during the 19th c which were displayed in London to great public acclaim. This one covered many of the best known sites in the Holy Land as well as ancient antiquities in Turkey, Syria and Egypt.

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