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A fine document of leading 19th c artists including the rare signature of Richard Dadd Artists two large album leaves bearing eight strips of paper each bearing the signatures of leading 19th c artists who attended The Society of British Artists Exhibition at the Suffolk Street Gallery, London in 1842. Included in the signatories is Richard Dadd, whose signature is excessively rare on account of his subsequent lunacy. Also included are Edward Hassell, John Frederick Herring snr, William Powell Frith, Augustus Egg, Charles Runciman, and many others. There is a total of approx. 173 signatures in all with Dadd signing twice. At this time Dadd was still relatively sane but it was only a few months later when he set off with Sir Thomas Phillips on a tour of the Mediterranean that his madness first started to appear. The exhibition was the 19th of the society but according to contemporary reports it was not particularly good with one reviewer saying that it gave ‘melancholy proof that the fine arts have in this country reached a very limited eminence…’

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