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Slavery – Jamaica – George William Gordon very large poster on two sheets of paper approx. 67x106cm each headed ‘Gordon and Eyre’ and reading : ‘The British and foreign anti-slavery society have received the following communication from Jamaica ‘left. In a despatch for use their heir to Mr. Cardwell the dated January 1866 the following paragraph appears: it is also well known out here that Mr. Gordon was universally regarded as a bad man in every sense of the word. Reported to been grossly immoral and an adulterer a liar, a swindler, dishonest, cruel, vindictive, and a hypocrite: such are the terms applied to the late G W Gordon and I believe abundant truth might be adduced of all these traits. The undersigned are having a resided in the island for many years and having had a very considerable opportunities of knowingly and forming an estimate of the late Mr. Gordon’s character in his various relations in the life do hereby protest against the foregoing allegations as made by Mr. Eyre and declare them to be utterly without foundation.’ The poster is signed in the name of James Phillipo, senior Baptist minister in Jamaica as well as others. Printed in black letter on white background summer slight weakness in original folds but otherwise in remarkably fine condition. A famous incident. George William Gordon, a Jamaican businessman, politician and son of a slave, was a leading critic of the policies of Edward Eyre, the Governor of the Island. After the Morant Bay Rebellion, Eyre had Gordon executed, causing revulsion throughout the world. This rare poster is a fine example of the feeling at the time. Gordon was later made National Hero of Jamaica in 1965 – the centenary of his death – and his portrait appears on the Jamaican 10 dollar bank note.

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