Lot 245London – the City of London appoints a...

Auction Date: 2/09/2014 at 01pm



London – the City of London appoints a Cornmeeter three vellum indentures dated 1747 and 1761 being the appointment by the City of London of John Woodbridge, ‘cooper and citizen of London’ to be Cornmeeter – ie an official weigher of corn at regulated markets and at ports when ships were unloaded. The 1747 documents are the lease and counterpart of the agreement which was clearly of great financial advantage to Woodbridge, as it states that the previous incumbent of the position had paid &pound2,510, plus &pound30 per year for a 21 year lease of the rights to carry out the job (equivalent in today’s money of more than &pound200,000). Woodbridge died during his tenure of office and the later indenture is for the surrender of the lease back to the Corporation of London.

Hammer Price: £180.00

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