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The Lord’s Day Observance Act – Oliver Cromwell – Printed Act of Parliament from the Protectorate of Oliver Cromwell dated 1657 being the famous Act which banned a very wide range of activities with harsh penalties for non-observance – effectively establishing in the public mind the ideals of ‘Puritanism’. The Act banned virtually anything which was enjoyable, such as singing, dancing, visiting ale houses, working, taking part in sporting activities. It was this Act which turned vast numbers of the population against Cromwell and the Puritans, and effectively demonstrated that England had not become a republic free from the supposed tyranny of the King, but an enslaved dictatorship under the repressive rule of Cromwell. It made the eventual restoration of Charles II three years later all the more palatable. An important document in the history of England. Folio, 17pp plus title, disbound but in fine condition, and bearing considerable marginal manuscript annotation in a contemporaneous hand.

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