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Elizabeth I – the Throckmorton Plot – [John White artist and early American Colonist] An Answer unto a certain calumnious letter published by M. Job Throckmorton and entitled A Defence of I Throckmorton against the slanders of M Sutcliffe, London 1595, 4to 84pp, later crude card covers, ex libris the Monastery of St Augustine, Ramsgate. Dusting to outer pages but appears complete and overall in good condition. Bearing on the back page the signature ‘John White...Corke’. An intriguing and potentially important signature as this could be the signature of the famous artists and early American Colonist John White, who was amongst some of the earliest colonists of America and who became Governor of Sir Walter Raleigh’s failed attempt at a permanent settlement on Roanoke Island, known to history as the ‘Lost Colony’. White was probably born around 1540 and some accounts set his death at 1593 – but this is only conjecture and based on the last known letter he wrote which was in that year. The application of the location of ‘Corke’ to the present signature is however significant in that it is known that after the failure of his adventures in the New World, White spent his last days in County Cork where he owned at house at Kilmore. It is quite possible therefore that he did live beyond 1593 making the signature on this volume, dated 1595, as possibly genuine. The only other extant record dates from May 1606 when a Bridget White was appointed estate administrator for her brother ‘John White’ which may refer to him- however, even this is not proven to be that of the American Colonist. The book itself deals with the aftermath of the notorious Throckmorton Plot to assassinate Elizabeth I

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