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China China Treaty Document US Senate President John Tyler 1845 USA. A very early piece of Chinese and American history, a rare and original printed fourteen-page US Document, dated January 22, 1845, entitled message from the President of the USA, Communicating An Abstract of the Treaty between the United States of America and the Chinese Empire. Document contains a detailed abstract of the 34-article treaty negotiated between the outgoing US Ambassador to China, Caleb Cushing, and Chinese officials. The outgoing President, John Tyler, transmitted the treaty to the Congress. This document was printed shortly before Tyler’s departure and President Polk’s inauguration on March 4, 1845. An important treaty, largely considered unequal and exploitative today, granting American citizens extra territoriality (they could not be tried in Chinese courts) and resulting in the United States receiving most-favoured nation status along with Great Britain. In the treaty, the United States also bans the opium trade, in a concession to the Chinese. Document removed from a bound volume long ago.

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