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The ‘Declaration of Whitehall 1688’ – James II an excessively rare copy of ‘The Declaration of Whitehall’ whereby the newly installed James II attempted to stave off the rumours that his recently born son, the Prince of Wales was legitimate and therefore the rightful heir to the throne. A total of 40pp, small folio, modern binding, outer leaves somewhat stained but legible throughout. The document is a series of declarations by various members of the Royal Family and leading courtiers attesting to the fact that the Prince had been legitimately born. A remarkable and important document in British History. When the Catholic James came to the throne, the protestant majority grudgingly accepted him, but when in 1688 the Queen delivered a son, there was dismay at the prospect of a Catholic heir to the throne. As a result the rumour was put out that the baby was in fact a foundling smuggled into the Queen’s bed in a warming pan. The birth hastened the advent of the ‘Glorious Revolution’ which toppled the King in December. The baby grew up to be James Edward Stuart, the ‘Old Pretender’ and father of ‘Bonnie’ Prince Charlie.

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