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A comprehensive collection of contemporaneous documents on Titus Oates and the Popish Plot – Charles II – bound volume of approx 18 contemporaneous printed publications covering the whole history of Titus Oates and the infamous Popish Plot 1679-1689, including Oates’s original ‘vindication’ in which the ‘plot’ was alleged, through to a final address from the English Protestants to William III. Also included are transcripts of the various trials for High Treason meted out on the innocent Victims of Oates’s allegations. An important and remarkably comprehensive volume covering one of the most notorious miscarriages of justice in the British History. Oates had alleged that there was a conspiracy promoted by the Jesuits to assassinate Charles II and install his catholic brother James to the throne. The result was a witch hunt throughout the country with many denounced as conspirators and executed as a result. Ironically when the King died of natural causes in 1685 James did indeed succeed his brother – Oates was arrested and convicted to be whipped in the streets before being sent to prison for life

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