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A fine letter of Edmund Blunden Autograph – Literature – Edmund Blunden, poet fine autograph letter signed dated February 24th 1935 to ‘Dear Mr Hopkinson’ discussing the aftermath of WWI : ‘...truth to tell apart from bad dreams & a certain tiredness, I should say many of us old soldiers have struck a kindly enough balance with the new world and I am well aware that others have a more difficult & uncertain track. The many women who were 20 or so at the time the war ended & have been deprived by the casualty lists of their men, they seem to me more & more to be unlucky...the only real chance I suppose is to believe in life. Round the corner there is something to seize when the day comes and the day does come...I don’t want to preach but am always aware that human beings distress themselves by trying to hurry on tomorrow. As the C.S.M. urges “Wait for it !” 2pp 8vo.

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