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Auction Date: 2/09/2014 at 01pm



Autographs – Royalty and Political the visitors book of the New Manor House Hospital, Golders Green, London, by the Duke of York (later George VI) on October 22nd 1931 onwards, black morocco binding with gilt title, fine condition. Signatures include: George VI (as Albert Duke of York), Princess Louise, Queen Mary, A v Alexander, Frank O Salisbury, Clement Atlee (as Prime Minister), Viscount Stansgate, and many others. Together with a bound volume containing a considerable number of letters addressed to Sir Ambrose Woodall, one of the founders of the Hospital on the occasion of his award of a Baronetcy. The letters are from a considerable number of organisations including medical operations, trades unions etc and include a letter from Ernest Bevin. Together with a published copy of ‘The Manor Hospital, a personal record’ by Samuel Woodall

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