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Scarce document of the famous Tight Rope Walker Blondin – the ‘Hero of Niagara’ Portrait of Blondin with legend “Blondin the Hero of Niagara”&nbspCirca early 1860s on an unissued Waybill for recording takings and tickets sold at either The Crystal Palace or at The Royal Portobello Gardens in Dublin. Black & red printing size 10&frac14” &acute 8”. Jean Francois Gravelet-Blondin (1824-1897) famous tight rope walker and acrobat. Born at St Omar in France, emmegrated to America in 1855. Became famous for walking on a tight rope 160 feet above the Niagara Falls in 1859. In 1861 first appeared in London, at the Crystal Palace, turning somersaults on stilts on a rope stretched across the central transept, 70 feet from the ground. That same year he performed at the Royal Portobello Gardens, on South Circular Road, Portobello, Dublin, on a rope 50 feet above the ground. While he was performing the rope broke, which led to the scaffolding collapsing. He was not injured).&nbsp&nbspIn as new condition.

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