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Ephemera – The Royal Jennerian Society Honorary Diploma 1837. This impressive certificate was designed by G Oben and granted to The Lord Bishop of Ripon. The President of the Society at this time was the Duke of Wellington (1769-1852). The diploma lists patrons of the society including The King William IV, the Emperor of Russia and other European heads of states. On the left side is a statue of Jenner a dead snake representing him conquering Smallpox. Through the arch is a view of the City of London. Bottom right a beautiful Gold Leaf seal showing Jenner in field with Cattle. Black printing, size 12&frac14” &acute 7&frac34”. The Royal Jennerian Society was established in 1803 following Edward Jenner’s successful experiments in the 1790s, to give his development of smallpox vaccinations on a wide scale.

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