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Original File of a British Officer in the RAMC who Liberated the Belsen Concentration Camp: The horror of Bergen-Belsen, as told by Typewritten and hand written Letters from Major J A Hewitt who witnessed the liberation of the camp and Helped with the Evacuation of the Camp. File consist of hand written in pencil note giving detail of how many Male, Female and Children in the Camp together with the daily death figures, “Sanitation did not exist No Light and No Water”, there is also a mention of which British Units where arriving the first been 63rd Anti-Tank Regt And list of Medical Units. Other items within the file are Food Ration details, List of German Nurses and Doctors, Large List of 1000s of names who were Evacuated to Sweden this includes Name, D.o.B. Sex, and Place of Origin, Nationality. This Historical file which was in the Camp from 1945 featuring paperwork with Belsen and dates to top and an insight into the Days after the Liberation of the Camp. There is too much to mention but here is one quote “It had been appreciated from the start that the German Staff ing of the Hospital area would not be satisfactory owing to the sickness and debility common to them all. It was not appreciated, however, that they would as they did in camp, completely ignore the sick. Not only did this occur, but looting of food stores, clothing and equipment stores were rifled”

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