Lot 666&quotVintage Watson Service Microscope: In its fitted mahogany...

Auction Date: 29/07/2014 at 10am



&quotVintage Watson Service Microscope: In its fitted mahogany case. This vintage microscope is labelled on the front of the body tube with the makers name, address, W. WATSON & SONS Ltd., LONDON, model and serial number &quot&quotSERVICE&quot&quot, 66073, The calibration chart on the inside of the case door confirms that it was made in 1938, as well as showing the magnifications for the lenses. It has a calibrated extending eyepiece tube, rack & pinion main focus, fine focus, triple nosepiece and slide clips above the square stage. The microscope comes with 3 objectives (1/6, 2/3 & 1/12 oil imm.) all in Bakelite containers and 2 eyepieces (x10 & x6The microscope is housed in a mahogany case with brass hinges, leather handle &quot

Guide Price: £200.00 - £250.00

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