Lot 628Rare WWII – Children’s Game Adler Luftverteidigung spiel...

Auction Date: 29/07/2014 at 10am



Rare WWII – Children’s Game Adler Luftverteidigung spiel (Adler Air Defence Game): Desden c1940 Childrens board game for two players complete in original box with complete rules. Box a little scuffed but intact apparently complete. The rules state that the game was conceived by an officer of the Luftwaffe in order to raise interest for the execution of an air attack – and it is interesting that this game as opposed to the propaganda games we sold in August states quite categorically ~This game shall and will only be a game~ - providing a telling insight into the different perspective of war as held by the fighting service men and the Nazi politicians. The object of the game was to throw a dice to commence (and defend) attacks by either bombers or fighters – in essence it is a strategy game with points scored for various successes against attacking planes.

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