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Original Hand Drawn Buster Monster Fun Special 1988 Story Board Artwork: Original Pen & Ink by Sidney William Burgon (born in 1936), better known as Sid Burgon, was a British comics artist. After working as a Mechanic and drawing as a hobby he was encouraged by co-workers into furthering his artistic nature.[1] He gave up his job in 1963 and became a freelance cartoonist with some of his early work being published The Weekly News under the Pseudonym Swab.[1] In 1970 Sid began working for Fleetway drawing a number of strips including Bookworm for Whoopee!,[2] Joker for Knockout[3] and Ivor Lott and Tony Broke for Buster (comics).[4] Sid Burgon began to draw for DC Thomson in 1989 drawing a revival of Biffo the Bear in The Beano and Adrian the Barbarian for The Beezer (which was recently reprinted in The Beano as Olaff the Madlander). Sid stopped drawing for DC Thomson in the late 90s/early 2000s and is currently retire

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