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&quotOriginal Hand Drawn Buster Comic Story Board Artwork: Original Pen & Ink by Terry Bave. In 1967 he submitted his first comics work to Odhams Press' Wham! And was given the strip &quot&quotSammy Shrink&quot&quot to draw. He later created &quot&quotBaby Whamster&quot&quot and &quot&quotBaby Smasher&quot&quot, and ghosted &quot&quotThe Dolls of St. Dominics&quot&quot and &quot&quotGrimly Feendish&quot&quot for Leo Baxendale. When Odhams merged into IPC, Bave began to work for their humour titles, including Whizzer and Chips (&quot&quotMy and My Shadow&quot&quot, 1969 &quot&quotOdd-Ball&quot&quot, 1973), Cor!! (&quot&quotDonovan's Dad&quot&quot, 1970 &quot&quotThe Slimms&quot&quot), Shiver and Shake (&quot&quotWebster&quot&quot, &quot&quotThe Desert Fox&quot&quot), Whoopee! (&quot&quotToy Boy&quot&quot, 1974 &quot&quotCalculator Kid&quot&quot &quot&quotBlabbermouth&quot&quot &quot&quotWilly Worry&quot&quot), Monster Fun (&quot&quotDraculass&quot&quot, 1975), Wow! (&quot&quotBarney's Badges&quot&quot), Jackpot (&quot&quotRichie Wraggs&quot&quot, &quot&quotFull O'Beans&quot&quot), Krazy (&quot&quotScaredy Cat&quot&quot, 1976) and Buster (&quot&quotPete's Pop-Up Book&quot&quot, 1984 &quot&quotGood Guy&quot&quot, 1986), many of the scripts being written by his wife Shiela.&quot

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