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&quotOriginal Hand Drawn Phantom Viking Story Board Artwork: Original Pen & Ink By Graham Coton for The Champion 26th March 1966. Graham Coton was born in Woolwich, London, on 1 November 1926. He was educated at Shooter's Hill School and Goldsmith's School of Art, and served in the RAF in 1944. After the war he completed his education and began freelancing for the Amalgamated Press, starting with &quot&quotKit Carson&quot&quot for Cowboy Comics Library, &quot&quotGulliver&quot&quot, &quot&quotDick Turpin&quot&quot and &quot&quotThe Three Musketeers&quot&quot for Thriller Picture Library, and illustrations for Super Detective Library. He also drew &quot&quotSexton Blake&quot&quot (1951-52), &quot&quotSwiss Family Rollinson&quot&quot (1953), and &quot&quotCaptain Phantom&quot&quot (1953, later renamed &quot&quotSpy 13&quot&quot) for Knock-Out, &quot&quotSAS&quot&quot (1959-61) for Express Weekly, &quot&quotSpecialists in Speed&quot&quot (1960) and &quot&quotRoad Race Roughriders&quot&quot (1961) for Tiger, &quot&quotCars A-Z&quot&quot (1963-64) for Valiant, &quot&quotFireball XL5&quot&quot (1965) for TV Century 21, and war strips for Top Spot. He specialised in machinery and vehicles. He painted numerous covers for War Picture Library and Air Ace Picture Library until 1984, first using watercolour washes, and later heavy impasto oils. He was a prolific illustrator for books, magazines (including Look and Learn) and Royal Doulton commemorative plates, and painted on commission. He died on 14 October 2003 in East Sussex.&quot

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