Lot 4271940s Original Art Draft Comic Radio Fun Scripts...

Auction Date: 29/07/2014 at 10am



1940s Original Art Draft Comic Radio Fun Scripts for Fleetway Comics: Including adio Fun, Film Fun and Jingles By Wally Robertson. This lot is for Marmaduke & His Ma (8), Waddies the Waiter (29), Laurie & Trailer (5), Bubbles the Clown (1), Kitty (4) (some been double sided) 47 pages. Wally Robertson was born at the end of the 19th century in Glasgow, Scotland, and started his drawing career as an architect's apprentice. He moved to London, where he found a job at the famous Fleetway House, a publishing company, in 1914. Soon after, the Great War broke out and Walter Robertson was drafted. After the war, he worked on many 'Charlie Chaplin' comics for tabloid The Funny Wonder.

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