Lot 270B

Hitler (attributed) Alpine mountain scene with church and...

Auction Date: 27/09/2012 at 10am



Hitler (attributed) Alpine mountain scene with church and small village in foreground, watercolour on paper. Signed ‘A Hitler’ to bottom right hand corner. Image size approx 29x20cm. This is accompanied with a certificate issued by Thomas Sack, Alpenst 4 ,78464 Konstanz, Germany (art.shop@web.de) which reads in translation: ‘Josef Wallner, Felberst 6 , Vienna 15. Statement of Provenance. I hereby state that this watercolour painting (town with church and mountains in the background– signed ‘A Hitler’) has been personally purchased by my grandfather Alois Wallner directly from Adolf Hitler in Vienna in the year 1912 together with another picture. As I’ve been told by my grandfather, he just paid a total of 5 Kronen for one painting. As far as I can remember, the painting was stored all the years in my grandfather’s office room. ‘As my grandfather died, the painting became the property of my father Johann Wallner. After his death I became the legal owner of this painting. Vienna, March 19, 1979. Josef Wallner’. The certificate further states that the painting was sold on commission to Mr Jeff Finnegan, Rhode Island, USA in February 2004

Hammer Price: £750.00