Football and Rugby Sale


John and the team would like to thank all who attended our recent Football and Rugby sale. The all round positive attitude and patience both online and in the room is greatly appreciated. Powers out of our control decided that the sale would be plagued with technical difficulties. Nevertheless,the atmosphere in the room remained upbeat and we would like applaud our customers for that, whilst apologising for any inconvenience the stoppages may have caused.

Some stand out results for the Football section with the sale of the 1957 FA Cup Winners Medal which sold for £6,000 Hammer, the Billy Hughes Collection totalling over £7,000 Hammer, the Early Ireland Football Shirt achieving £1,900 Hammer, the remaining Aston Villa Gold Medals reaching over £6,000 Hammer and with some pleasant surprises too,with both 1962 International Youth Football Tournament programmes reaching £1,000 and £950 Hammer. 

It was a sterling turnout for the Rugby section too, a packed front row full of new and regular faces was great to see. With fierce competition from Internet land (when it was all up and running anyway) produced some great results such as the 1960 Griqualand West v Scotland programme stopping at £300 Hammer, the 1938 Wales Schools Rugby Shirt reached £340 Hammer and a great result for the selection of Pin Badges achieving over £2,900 Hammer. 

An extremely pleasing day that we hope was enjoyed by all. The next Football and Rugby sale will be held on 13th April 2017. Please contact our friendly team if you wish to consign items for this sale, the deadline date will soon be approaching!

Thank you again for all your kind support, we wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 

Best Wishes
Mullocks Team.