Historical Documents & Ephemera

Mullock's hold auctions for items of historical interest and we are delighted to hold specialist historical document and ephemera sales in the UK. We have earned an excellent reputation across the world for notable successes including the microphone that Sir Winston Churchill used to make his VE Day speech at the end of WWII, items related to the Kray twins, Hitler's paintings and those related to cultural icons and the stars of stage and screen like Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe.

Important documents from all periods of world history are included, from early Medieval right through to present day, and covering niche interests like the First and Second World Wars, the slave trade, the suffragettes, and military and naval interest, as well as great figures in history, crime and punishment, and social development. We also feature items of local historical importance.

For details of our next historical documents and ephemera sale, to request a catalogue, or to arrange a valuation please contact us.

Upcoming Auctions

Historical Documents, Indian Ephemera & Collectables | Wed 23rd Jun 2021 10:00AM Thu 24th Jun 2021 10:00AM

Historical Documents, Indian Ephemera & Collectables | Wed 20th Oct 2021 10:00AM Thu 21st Oct 2021 10:00AM