Day 1: Antique & Modern Fishing Tackle and Collectables. Day 2: Historical Documents and Indian Ephemera

Auction Date: 29/10/2020, 30/10/2020 at 10am

Lot 13

Early S Allcock 2 ¼| brass crank wind...


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Lot 14

Selection of Mitchell Fixed Spool Reels to include...


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Lot 15

Mitchell Fixed Spool Reel Selection to include Mitchell...


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Lot 16

Mitchell ~Predator 60~ Free Spool Reel with rear...


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Lot 17

Circa 1880 ~Salmon~ Lithograph by Wycliffe Taylor hand...


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Lot 18

3x Boxed Fly Reels to include JW Youngs...


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Lot 19

Large French ~Crack 300~ Fixed Spool Reel LHW...


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Lot 20

2x Penn Sea Reels to include Penn ~Senator~...


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Lot 21

Double Sided Wooden Float Box with a variety...


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Lot 22

G Little & Co 63 Haymarket London Tooled...


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Lot 23

Richard Walker and Fred J Taylor Print depicts...


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Lot 24

Solar Tackle Mini Boss Pod Rod Holder missing...


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