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Auction Date: 26/2/2018 at 01:30pm, 27/2/2018 at 10:30am

Lot 49

Selection of Royal Navy / Fleet Air Arm...


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Lot 50

Selection of Royal Navy Association Presentation Medals to...


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Lot 51

HMS/M Porpoise Class Colour Print measures 72x53cm approx...


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Lot 52

HMS Ark Royal ‘Majesty’ Colour Print the last...


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Lot 53

HMS Plymouth ‘Sound Approach’ Signed Colour Print limited...


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Lot 54

HM Yacht Britannia Signed Colour Print with the...


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Lot 55

WWI HMS Royal Oak photograph in black and...


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Lot 56

Royal Navy Photo-Cards a montage of various ships...


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Lot 57

German Cruiser Admiral Graf Spree photograph in black...


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Lot 58

HMS Vanguard photograph in black and white, appears...


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Lot 59

HMS Gambia Royal Navy Ship crest mounted to...


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Lot 60

HMS Suffolk Photograph depicting crew onboard, black and...


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