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LOT 133A - Ireland – Easter Rising 1916 An Artillery Shell...

Auction Date: 5th November 2013

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Ireland – Easter Rising 1916 an artillery shell case with wooden insert bearing a brass plaque bearing the legend: James Connolly ITGWU Murdered May 12th 1916 Kilmanham [sic] Gaol L’Irelande Libre Halla Na Soloirse. Liberty Hall 24 June 1917. Freedom of Sligo. Ourt of the pains and penalties scared on proud old Dublin and always God will defend the rights of all proud freed Irishmen. Seactmain na Casoa GPO 24.4.16. Aedeldaad Frankie. The brass casing of the shell is etched with a portrait of a young woman surmounted by the word ‘Anastasia’ and below the portrait is the name Connie Markievicz I.C.A. The casing also bears an etched portrait of an Irish shamrock under which is written ‘Made Spike Island 1917’. The base of the shell casing bears the following markings : ‘st’ ‘GFSP 185’ ‘Sp197’ and the date Aug 1915. Connolly was Commandant of the Dublin Brigade during the Easter Rising and as such as de facto commander in chief. He was executed by the British on May 12th at Kilmainham Prison. Countess Constance Markievicz – an Irish Sinn Fein and Fianna Fail politician was the first woman to be elected to the British Parliament though she did not take her seat. She did however help to found the Irish Dail. The ‘ICA’ was the Irish Citizens Army founded by Connolly in which the Countess was a leading member as a Lieutenant. During the Easter Rising she played a leading role setting up barricades and was in the middle of the fighting in St Stephen’s Green. She was arrested and served a prison term until 1917. We have been unable to trace references to Aedeldaad Frankie but we are informed that he is believed to be a lover of the Countess and was connected to the Abbey Theatre with which the Countess was also connected. It is most likely therefore that this item was an original shell used by the British during the Easter Rising.

Guide Price: £1000.00 - £1500.00

This item was sold at auction on 05th of November 2013.

Hammer Price: £1,000

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